Chinese documents are used abroad

Foreign related notarization and authentication of Embassies in China

Applicable people for Chinese document notarization:

It is applicable to people who apply for various visas such as traveling abroad, visiting relatives, studying abroad, business, settling down and immigration;

It is applicable to those who cannot go back to China for notarization abroad;

It is applicable to those who have no time or are not familiar with the notarization process.

We can notarize these Chinese documents:

Criminal record, Birth / Birth medical certificate, Kinship certificate, Diploma, Degree certificate, Transcript, Unmarried, Married, Marriage certificate, Divorce certificate, Divorce agreement, Court judgment, Death, Signature, Power of attorney, Vaccination certificate, Passport, ID card, Household register, Former name, Business license, Tax certificate, Certificate of authorization, etc.

Consular Authentication service countries include:

United States, France, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Sweden, Greece, Finland, Malta, Indonesia, Germany, Laos, Italy, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Austria, Latvia, Poland, Chile, Turkey and other countries.

Time limit and expenses for handling common documents such as Chinese academic, degree, transcript and no criminal record

Step 1: Notarization + Translation90-110$3-5 working days
Step 2: Certification by the Ministry of foreign affairs of China 120$5 working days
Step 3: Authentication of foreign Embassies in China180$5-7 working days


1.For certificates used in different countries, some only need translation and notarization, and some need single / double authentication. Please tell us the destination country of the certificate

2.China’s certificates need to be verified on before the subsequent notarization and certification steps can be carried out. Please verify them first or send a scanned copy to us in advance to help complete the verification.

Service advantage

For 15 years, we have focused on Notarization and certification to solve various problems for you. It’s right to hand over the notarization and certification of foreign-related documents to us. Only with concentration and efficiency can we be guaranteed


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