China’s economy is developing rapidly. If you want to work in China, you need to apply for a Chinese work visa.

A Chinese work visa consists of two parts: a foreigner’s work permit in China + a Chinese residence permit
To work in China, you need three conditions:
1. Bachelor degree or above
2. More than two years of work experience
3. Find a regular and legal company to hire you in the city where you plan to work.

Do you only need these three materials?

Groom the backlog show pony, pipeline put Of course not. The work visa application process in China is very complicated. Foreigners also need to provide information including: resume, passport, photo, education certificate, non-criminal certificate, work certificate, medical report…The information that the company needs to provide includes: Business license, office address certificate, employee social insurance, tax payment certificate, etc…

Processing process:

Collecting and submitting the data—-After passing the review, obtain the “Notice of Foreigner’s Work Permit to China”—-Go to the Chinese Embassy to apply for a Z visa—-Enter China—-Apply for a work permit– —Apply for a residence permit.

Seeing that the application process is so complicated, are you worried? We will help you throughout the whole process, just follow our instructions step by step. If everything goes well, you can get the work permit notice within 10 days, and the whole process can be completed in more than one month.

In this way, you can get a visa validity period ranging from 1-5 years. In addition to free entry and exit fromNo company has hired you yet. You can also consider long-term development. You can consider setting up a company for the shareholders and legal persons of the company. We can help you handle all the company establishment. China, a Chinese work visa can also purchase social security, purchase real estate, and purchase vehicles.

If you meet the above conditions, you can contact us.