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Namibian Notary

Namibia is an arid African country in the south of the Sahara desert. It has a variety of animal and plant habitats and ecosystems from desert to tropical grassland. It is a rare arid biodiversity hotspot on earth.

With an office in Windhoek, Namibia, UNnotary provides notarization, Hague certification and consular certification services to customers all over the world.

▶What are the documents notarized in Namibia

■Personal documents:

no crime certificate, academic degree, transcript, marriage \ single \ unmarried \ divorce certificate, same person certificate, kinship certificate, professional qualification certificate, statement, power of attorney, driver’s license, real estate, medical certificate, death certificate, will, inheritance certificate, tax certificate, work certificate, passport certificate, judgment and other documents.

■Company documents:

registration certificate; Legal personality; agreement; contract; Authentication of power of attorney; Declaration; certificate; Letter of appointment; Trademark certificate; Asset certificate; Credit certificate; Director information; Shareholder information; Articles of Association; minutes of the meeting; The document of renaming the company; Invoice; Certificate of origin; Customs declaration form; Product certificate; Product introduction and other company documents;

▶How long does it take to notarize in Namibia

It usually takes only 1-5 working days for us to handle Namibia notarization.

▶What information does Namibia notary need to provide

We need to provide the following information for Namibia notarization:

1. Notarized documents

2. Personal passport

3. Signature of notarial power of attorney (we provide document template)

4.Other documents (template provided by us)

▶How to handle the Hague certification in Namibia

The Hague Commission on private international law is an intergovernmental international organization. Its purpose is to solve the legal conflicts among countries through the formulation of conventions, so as to achieve the purpose of gradually unifying private international law.

The Hague certification is based on the Hague Agreement. As the name suggests, as long as the document is certified by the Hague, it will be recognized by the countries that signed the Hague Agreement.

The time for us to handle the notarization of the Hague in Namibia is 3-10 working days.

UAE authentication

▶How to handle consular certification in Namibia

If Namibian documents are used in China, usually the Chinese examination and approval authority will require Namibian consular certification before they can be accepted.

The Chinese Embassy and consulate in Namibia handle consular certification, which refers to the confirmation of the Namibian notarization, the seal and signature of the Namibian government department on the document applying for consular certification.

1. The document is true and legal, and there is no content that obviously violates Chinese laws or may damage China’s national and social public interests;

2. if the document for certification is more than two pages, it shall be bound into a volume and sealed with fire paint, cross seal or steel seal to ensure the integrity of the document.

The time for us to handle the certification of Chinese Consul in Namibia is 3-10 working days (if you need to handle the certification of embassies of other countries, you can also consult us)

UNnotary is a foreign-related service platform engaged in overseas notarization, certification and visa.

At present, overseas public certificates, Hague certification, consular certification and other services have been opened in China, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, BVI / Cayman and other British offshore islands, France, Spain, Russia, Namibia, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, the Netherlands, India, Vietnam and other dozens of countries.